synthroid taking off the market

omg I am bonding with this time warner guy on the phone sent by Josh at 2:56pm
“what are your plans for the weekend?”sent by Josh at 2:56pm
i said: “I dunno, tryin get myself outta this heat”sent by Josh at 2:56pm
its not that hot outsent by Sarah at 2:58pm
I KNOWsent by Josh at 2:59pm
he goes “where r u that’s it so hot?”sent by Josh at 3:00pm
i go “new york city?”sent by Josh at 3:00pm
hahahahahahasent by Sarah at 3:32pm
where is he? Bangalore?sent by Sarah at 3:33pm
he goes: “um, i live in arizona”sent by Josh at 3:34pm
hahahahahasent by Sarah at 3:34pm